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Land Selection

Specifications of a suitable industrial land

* Price commensurate with the total project budget

* Having a separation document and industrial exploitation license

* Having a construction permit for the required area and floors

* Having proper industrial infrastructure

* No ban on producing the desired product

* Possibility of connection to electricity, gas and industrial water network

* If in an industrial zone, in proper section for desired manufacturing

* Proximity to raw materials, tools and consumables

* Easy access for human resource

Land selection is the most important part of
implementing an industrial project

Workshop Construction

Important topics in construction:

​​​​​​​* Price commensurate with the total project budget

* Geometry fits to needed manufacturing layout

* Use experienced and reliable contractors

* Proper project control to complete all parallel items together

* Observance of construction permit to facilitate the completion of work

* Use of optimal materials both in terms of price and quality

* Installation of all necessary infrastructure for manufacturing

* Quality connection to water, electricity, gas, telephone and internet networks

* Observing elegance and beauty in construction accordance with the brand

Professional workshop construction will shorten the path to success

Production line installation

Specifications of a suitable production line

* Price commensurate with the total project budget

* The best layout fits the production stations

* Use of suitable machineries (quality / price)
* Proportional to have the highest working efficiency
* Easy access to raw material warehouse as well as product storage
* Observe all safety and health protocols
* Convenient access for repair and maintenance
* Utilization of modern security technologies
​​​​​​​* Guarantees the highest productivity of manpower

A successful product has only crossed one tailored production line

Human Resource

Important points in hiring manpower:

​​​​​​​* Approval of the organizational chart by the investor

* Observance of labor law requirements in employment

* Professional interviews to ensure competencies

* Obtaining a practical test from qualified candidates
* Determining salaries according to the approved regulations
* Arranging contracts by minimizing the risk of labor complaints
* Predicting the probationary period in employment contracts
* Keeping proper resumes for further replacements
* Focusing on reducing ancillary costs such as transportation

Certainly, The production of a quality product is the result of a successful team collaboration

Production Management

Appropriate advice in product line management means:

* Supervising on the delivery of raw materials (quality, quantity and price)

* Supervising the implementation of the approved quality system
* Monitoring the production accuracy, quality and quantity
* Staff training controls on assigned tasks
* Identifying high-risk bottlenecks on the manufacturing line
* Monitoring compliance with all safety and health protocols
* Identifying the reasons for product failures and defects
* Supervising on Warehousing affairs , finance and logistics
* Supervising on packaging and delivery to the customer
* After sale services controlling and preparing needed records

Sustainable production success is based on professional quality system

Marketing and sales consulting

More than twenty years of experience in marketing means:

* Feasibility study by examining market data

* Checking the purchase volume and market consumption
* Checking the quality, quantity and price of similar products
* Creating trusted websites and databases in virtual networks
* Using virtual levers such as email marketing
* Creating communication network with customers (wholesale / retail)
* Granting representation in cities to reputable resellers
* Adjust the pricing system
​​​​​​​* Monitoring the after-sales service system and possible dissatisfaction

The best product in the absence of a professional marketing system is doomed to decline

Import and export consulting

By Aegeantek advices on import and export, you can:

* Know the details of the customs duties of your imported goods

* Pay lowest possible cost for Import affairs
* Find that the customs clearance done as predicted
* Have all import and export documents for record
* Be notified about financial details and related documents up to delivery to your accounting system
* Have all relevant tax matters pursued and settled
* Enjoy of returning value added amounts on exported good
​​​​​​​* Have export order tables on a regular basis

Import and export require up-to-date specialized information

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